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Transparent Sourcing.

We continue to be frontrunners in sustainable practices that are ethical for aquaculture. As stewards of our lands and waterways, we recognize our responsibility to lead our industry toward a cleaner environment for all. Our aquaculture team adheres to the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), which is the most comprehensive end-to-end certification verifying the right thing is happening through each step of production.


Ocean Raised, Ocean Loved.

Spending our days working on the ocean is a privilege. We recognize and take seriously the environmental responsibility that comes with it. Along the way, we take great care to ensure that each step, from ocean to table, is taken with responsibility, thoughtfulness, and the ultimate goal of delivering you a delicious and nutritious product that you can feel good about in every way.


Exclusive Relationship.

From egg (salmon roe) to final product we are the only ones handling your salmon. Our vertical integration ensures our relationship is exclusive. And we take pride in our relationship with you because we know you're a great catch. Count on us to empower your everyday, because if it makes you feel good… we are all for it.


No Heavy Metals.

We created Oshēn because we are committed to lifting the veil of ambiguity around food. We’re good at saying no. And when it comes to any question of growth hormones or heavy metals like mercury in our salmon – you’ll always get a big “no” from us. So, you are eating salmon, just salmon.



We believe we are a part of the ocean and the ocean is a part of us, so we created Oshēn as an extension of our commitment to the environment. Our corporate company, BluGlacier, works closely with our Chilean salmon producers, Blumar and Ventisqueros, to lift the veil of ambiguity surrounding our salmon. Collectively, we pride ourselves on sustainable innovation and the most rigorous aquaculture standards.


About Our Packaging.

We aren’t fans of the p-word (plastic) either, so in addition to minimizing our use of it, we strive for continual improvement by researching the latest innovations in packaging. We are fully committed to better sustainability practices and invite you to be a part of this conversation.


Chilean Vibes.

Oshēn salmon comes from Chile, the land of poets, cute penguins, and tasty pisco sours (our favorite). The vibrancy of Chile inspires our product, and everything we do.

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