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Salmon Delivery Subscription with Oshēn

Oshēn Salmon
The highest quality salmon. Guaranteed 7 days fresher than all retailers. Sustainably processed and delivered on your timeline. The salmon delivery subscription with Oshēn salmon brings nutritious deliciousness directly to your doorstep.

Oshēn Salmon’s Delivery Subscription

  • Fresh or Frozen Options 
  • Save 10% on Every Shipment with Subscribe and Save 
  • Receive Shipments Every 7, 14, 21, 30, 45, or 60 Days
  • Choose Between Various Size Packages
  • Always Shipped Right to You 100% Fresh!
    Oshēn Salmon Fish, Process, and Program

    Ocean-Raised, Ocean-Loved

    Unlike land farms that keep salmon confined in dark, above-ground pens in artificial environments, our salmon live and thrive in their natural habitat. 


    Oshēn Salmon uses ocean resources to raise salmon in their natural habitat. This means little to no damage to the environment and the best home for our fish. 


    We hold ourselves to the highest aquaculture standards. This means our process is completely humane and eco-friendly. Our Best Aquaculture Practice certification proves that commitment to considerate salmon farming. 

    More Flavorful

    Did you know ocean-raised salmon actually tastes better than wild caught salmon? It’s true. Ocean-farmed salmon has delicious texture and flavor, because these healthy fish always have plentiful food, clean water, and space to thrive.


    Wild-caught salmon are unpredictable. You never know the diet and living conditions of a wild-caught fish. So the quality will vary even if you buy from the same brand. With our ocean-farmed salmon, you get the same great taste every time. 


    We submit ourselves to the highest quality standards by maintaining Best Aquaculture Practices, Global Salmon Initiative, British Retail Consortium, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, and Kosher certifications. That means multiple third parties confirm our salmon is the best-of-the-best.


    Oshēn Salmon uses natural ocean resources to produce our fish, which means our process causes little to no damage to the environment. Our ocean-farming sustainability practices also keep fresh salmon accessible to the consumer to prevent overfishing by wild caught operations. And, our innovative open net pens maintain wild fish ecosystems by allowing various types of seaweed, algae, crustaceans, seafood, and sea anemones to flourish!


    See what our happy customers say about their salmon subscriptions: 
    oshen salmon testimonial oshen salmon testimonialoshen salmon testimonial oshen salmon testimonial oshen salmon testimonial


    How Much Does Oshēn Salmon Cost?

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    What Makes Oshēn Salmon Unique

    Oshēn Salmon ourselves on sustainable innovation and quality care for our fish. We hold ourselves to the most rigorous aquaculture standards by closely regulating their diets, adapting pens to their growing needs, monitoring the fish 24/7, and nurturing the environment every step of the way. Some might say we spoil our fish (it's true, we do) but we know that the better we treat them, the better protein they provide for you.
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