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Kaori Miami Salmon Crudo Recipe Served With Passionfruit Salad

Kaori Miami Salmon Crudo Recipe Served With Passionfruit Salad

Meal Type

Main Course

Cooking Time

Less than an hour (after curing)


1 serving



  • 6 oz. fresh Oshēn Salmon

  • 8 oz. passion fruit pulp

  • 2 Tbsp. yellow chili pepper paste

  • 4 oz. agave

  • 8 oz. fresh ginger

  • 2 Tbsp. agar-agar

  • 40 mL lime juice

  • 1oz. black sesame seeds

  • Micro shiso leaves (optional for garnish)


Helmed by chef Fabrizio Garofolin, KAORI Miami features some of the city’s best Mediterranean-Asian-inspired cuisine. From the restaurant’s warm-toned interior to its exceptional food and beverage programming, every extension of KAORI naturally blends to create a memorable affair — and now you can experience it at home by cooking up chef Fabrizio’s salmon crudo.

Check out his easy-to-follow recipe below, and make it taste even better by sourcing our salmon. Consider using the One Night Stand Box for this recipe.

Never cured salmon at home? Create a curing mix by combining equal parts sea salt and sugar in a bowl. Make sure the blend is large enough to fully cover the salmon fillets. Add the salmon into a shallow dish, with the curing mix, and place in the fridge for up to 24 hours.


Kaori Miami's Salmon Crudo

Step 1

Thinly slice the salmon sashimi-style.

Step 2

In a mixing bowl, add the passion fruit, yellow pepper, and agave. Mix well until you obtain a consistent creamy mixture.

Step 3

Put the sauce into a pot and simmer for 15 minutes until reduced.

Step 4

Then extract the juice from the fresh ginger and mix with lime juice and agar powder to create a gel-like mixture.

Step 5

In a pot, place the gel mixture and let it boil, refrigerate until it has a gelatin texture.

Step 6

Place gelatin in a blender to obtain the ginger gel.

Step 7

Toast the sesame seeds on a pan until golden brown.

Step 8

To serve, use a round deep plate. Place the salmon sashimi and bathe with the passion fruit sauce, top it off with the ginger gel and the sesame seeds.

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