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Which of the Following is True of Farm Raised Salmon?

Which of the Following is True of Farm Raised Salmon?

There are many ways to produce salmon, including catching the fish in the wild, farming traditionally, and ocean farming! Each method is a little different, and there is a lot of talk on the internet about each process, which creates lots of confusion.

Here at Oshēn, we ocean farm our delicious Atlantic salmon, which is the healthiest, safest, most sustainable, and most cost effective way of producing salmon. If this surprises you, you’ve probably heard myths about salmon farming online that have scared you away! Today, we’ve rounded up common falsehoods swimming across the web, and we’ll debunk each one.


Which of the Following is True of Farm Raised Salmon?

Both land farmed and ocean farmed salmon are safe and nutritious, but each utilizes a slightly different method. Land farms have large tanks of water above ground that simulate the natural environment of the salmon, whereas ocean farms have enclosures in the water that actually use the natural habitat of the salmon.

Ocean farming is obviously the superior choice, but even so, there are many myths surrounding the process and production of these delicious fish. Meanwhile, wild caught salmon is often mistaken for the safest and healthiest option. Here is the truth behind a few of the most common farmed salmon misconceptions.

Wild Caught Salmon is Healthier than Farm Raised Salmon

Often when we think about animals, we consider hunting or catching them in the wild to be more healthy. Though this is true for some animals, this is not true for salmon. Though wild and farmed salmon are healthy for you, salmon in the wild have extremely unpredictable diets that make them less nutritious.

Malnutrition and disease can plague wild fish, whereas farmed salmon have well-regulated diets. Salmon like ours are well-fed with only the best food options. Because farmed salmon never go hungry and don’t experience the same disease exposure, they’re more nutrient-dense with things like protein and omega-3 fatty acids, than wild caught salmon.

Farm Raised Salmon are More Likely to be Contaminated

Farm raised salmon are bred in controlled environments with clean water, but with wild caught salmon, you can’t be sure of the quality of the water where it was caught. A higher level of mercury, plastic pollutants, and carcinogens fester in many waterways.

The risk of contaminants and high levels of mercury in farmed fish is much lower due to the controlled environments and thoughtful production processes.

There are No Regulations on Farm Raised Salmon

Governing organizations like the FDA heavily regulate the process of farming salmon to ensure the safety of consumers. Many salmon farming operations like ours take it a step further and achieve the Best Aquaculture Practices certification, which confirms the highest level of quality through every step of production.

Farming Salmon is Unnecessary to Meet Consumer Demand

Due to overfishing and the ever-growing demand of salmon, fishing efforts alone cannot keep up with the consumer interest in this seafood delicacy. In order for salmon to stay accessible and cost effective, farming efforts are needed to ensure every household can get their hands on this tasty and nutritious protein.

Farming Salmon is Cruel

Farmed salmon, specifically ocean farmed salmon, mimics the habitat of salmon’s natural environment. They receive all the comforts of home in their clean water, natural ecosystem, and home currents, while getting plenty of food and plenty of space to thrive!

We say that our salmon is “ocean raised and ocean loved,” because they are born and raised in the same ocean water. There is no cruelty here!

Salmon Farming is Not Environmentally Friendly

Salmon farming is sustainable and environmentally friendly. In fact, Oshēn’s ocean farming method uses all the natural features of the ocean, therefore it imposes little to no damage to the waterways.

All Salmon Farms Uses Hormones and Dyes

Some salmon farms do use hormones and dyes, but Oshēn doesn’t! We feed our fish great food, so no need for orange dyes to make it look healthier or fresher! In fact, our salmon gets to your table fresher and faster than wild caught alternatives.

We use no growth hormones or dyes, and only the vital antibiotics to keep your salmon disease free and ultra-safe. Top-rated natural salmon like ours does not contain any hormones or dyes.

Farm Raised Salmon are More Expensive than Wild Caught Salmon

Farm raised salmon is cheaper than wild caught salmon and that includes ocean Atlantic farmed fish, since it requires relatively little equipment due to its use of natural ocean ecosystems and currents.

There are a host of benefits when it comes to farmed salmon, so the fact that it’s also more cost effective is a total win-win for you!

Farmed Salmon is Not Safe to Eat

Farmed salmon is well-regulated, more nutrient rich, and less prone to disease. Farmed salmon is the safest salmon to eat. Oshēn salmon is even hormone- and heavy metal-free, making it the healthiest and safest option over wild caught salmon or other farmed varieties.

Wild Caught Salmon Tastes Better than Farmed Salmon

Fish really are what they eat. Because the diets of wild caught salmon can’t be controlled, the taste is very unpredictable. At farms, salmon eat plenty of high quality food, so the richness of flavor is greater with farmed salmon and more consistent from fish-to-fish. Ocean farmed salmon also require fewer additives because of their natural process, so their fish are even tastier!

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to farmed fish, but you can be certain that farmed fish are the healthiest, safest, most sustainable, most cost effective, and tastiest way to indulge in delicious Atlantic salmon.

You can have confidence when purchasing farmed salmon that you’re making the best choice for you and your family! Salmon is great for the nervous and cardiovascular system, and with farm raised salmon, you’ll reap the most benefits from this delicious health food while also being mindful of sustainability!

To get started with the tastiest salmon out there, use the code FRESH for 15% off your order! We have a variety of options that will arrive at your house guaranteed seven days fresher than the competition. You can start with just a couple filets or go all in with our Oshēn's Twelve!



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