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What is Sustainable Salmon

salmon in the ocean

To live sustainably is to balance our needs for goods without compromising the environment for the future generations according to BluGlacier. Many of you have probably made the move to live more sustainably to reduce energy usage, maintain healthy habitats, and confirm the future of Earth’s precious species. 

When you buy something, the production of that product can have a chain reaction that can negatively impact the environment to various degrees, and salmon production is no different. Poor salmon production practices can burden fish with diseases, over fish them to extinction, pollute our waters, and negatively impact our delicate ocean and river resources. 

If your household consumes salmon and other seafood, it’s time to make the choice to purchase only sustainably raised salmon. What exactly is sustainable salmon and how does it impact your environment, your health, and your wallet? That is what we’re sharing today! 

What is Sustainable Salmon?

What is Sustainable Salmon?

Oshēn’s ocean-raised and ocean-loved salmon are sustainable, nutritious, and delicious! Not every salmon producer considers the environment with the same level of care that we do, so there are wild-caught and land-farmed salmon operations that are terrible for the environment and for your body. 

Wild caught salmon is especially hard on ecological systems and animals due to overfishing, illegal fishing operations that end up in our supply chain, pollution created from fisheries, disruption to habitats, damage done to the delicate food chain in our oceans, and unintentional captures of animals not intended for eating. For example, dolphins, birds, whales, sharks, turtles, & other wildlife that get caught in the fishing process. 

Now, we’re not suggesting that you stop eating salmon. In fact, you should be selecting salmon as your seafood of choice, because it’s super good for you! Every product out there has some give and take between consumption and impact. Just look out for Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program that tells you what salmon are most sustainable! (Search for specific types like Atlantic salmon, Pacific salmon, Alaskan salmon, etc.) 

Is Oshēn Salmon sustainable?

Why Oshēn Salmon is the Most Sustainable Option

Oshēn salmon cares equally for its customers and the fish we’re raising! Ocean-farming is the most sustainable salmon choice since it’s great for the environment, but doesn’t compromise quality and flavor for our customers. Here are some reasons ‌Oshēn is the best choice for your salmon needs!

Maintains Wild Fish Ecosystems

Overfishing of salmon has already left a lasting impact on the environment. In certain areas sockeye salmon, coho salmon, chinook salmon, and Atlantic salmon are all endangered because of careless overfishing. 

Ocean-farmed salmon allows wild ecosystems to remain untouched! Meanwhile, our salmon get to live in their own habitat inside of open net pens that not only allow salmon to thrive but also permit various types of seaweed, algae, crustaceans, seafood, and sea anemones to flourish! Oshēn salmon builds the integrity of ocean ecosystems and protects the wild salmon population!

Low Environmental Impacts

Cows, pigs, and other livestock take a lot of space and a LOT of resources to produce food for hungry consumers. Farmed fish requires far fewer resources and less space to produce the same amount of meat, reducing its negative impact on the environment. Ocean framing has an even lesser impact, since the ocean provides most of the resources, negating the need for lots of equipment and machinery. 

Ocean-Loved and Ocean-Raised Healthy Fish 

Salmon from Oshēn get to live their best life in real ocean currents with real wildlife and some seriously great food. We say that our fish are “ocean-loved” and “ocean-raised,” since our salmon are nurtured in their own natural and sustainable environment! 

It’s a myth that farm raised salmon isn’t healthy, in fact farm raised salmon is healthier than wild caught salmon due to their consistent healthy diet! Wild salmon face malnutrition and disease in polluted waters or failing ecosystems.

Choose healthy salmon like ours that are more dense with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and protein! As a bonus, Oshēn salmon is hormone-free and given the highest quality feed possible! These fish are both happy and healthy while being pampered in our luxury farming environment! 

Accessible to Reduce Overfishing 

Salmon is healthy, sustainable, and a great source of protein, which means the demand for this nutritious fish is skyrocketing! Salmon in the wild are simply not sufficient to meet the consumer need for this product, which means farming operations are essential to getting you the fish you want and at the price you want without compromising the environment. 

Tastier and More Nutritious

When you purchase wild caught salmon, there is simply no way of knowing where it was caught and if those conditions were favorable. The lack of consistency in their diet and environment can mean that your wild caught salmon are malnourished, contaminated by mercury or plastic pollutants, diseased, or simply deprived of quality food. 

Ocean raised salmon, on the other hand, have well-maintained diets with consistent and quality feed. They swim in their clean ocean waters in pens plenty big for the whole school of fish. The salmon are well monitored and taken care of, so the fish come out tastier and more nutritious

Just as Affordable 

Because ocean-raising salmon uses so many natural resources, the cost of production is relatively low! This is great news for you, because it means you can get high-quality Oshēn salmon for about the same price as the wild caught alternative. So, making the switch to ocean farmed salmon is as simple as choosing your package and never going back to the lesser wild caught option.  

Fresher than the Competition 

If you’re worried about the freshness of your fish, we get it. The great news is Oshēn salmon is guaranteed seven days fresher than the competition. We cut out the middleman not only to increase speed, but to make sure we personally can handle and care for your fish through every stage of the production. 

Certified and Regulated 

Oshēn salmon not only follows the standard requirements for safe salmon production, but it takes it a step further with a plethora of other certifications! We are ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council), BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices), BRC (British Retail Consortium), and Kosher certified. This gives you the ultimate confidence that what you’re consuming is safe, healthy, and sustainable. 

Why Oshēn Salmon is the best sustainable option
Oshēn produces ocean-farmed sustainable salmon that is better for the environment, better for your body, and better for your taste buds.

Switching to sustainable seafood like Oshēn salmon is an easy choice for consumers like you looking for an option that is good for you and good for the ocean. Oshēn salmon is a great place to start your sustainable salmon journey with affordable, tasty, and nutritious salmon sold directly to you and guaranteed fresher than the competition. 

To get started, choose one of our delicious salmon packages. Remember, since our salmon is ocean raised, every salmon is consistently delicious and healthy. If you’re still on the fence, we’ll make it even cheaper for you today with this 15% off coupon with the code FRESH at checkout!  


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