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What Is Ocean Farmed Salmon?

What Is Ocean Farmed Salmon?

Salmon has become a premium protein source for health-conscious individuals. It’s full of  omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B, which support the brain and immune system. The health benefits, combined with its rich, light flavor, make it a great protein for family meal-planning or a nice romantic dinner.

Salmon is a great choice for any meal, but not all salmon is made equal. Flavor, nutrient-content, and environmental impact of your salmon differs based on the farming techniques. Today, we’ll be discussing the best method of producing quality salmon, which is ocean-raised farming.


What Is Ocean Farmed Salmon?

Ocean farmed salmon is the middle ground between wild caught and traditional farmed salmon. Both come with benefits and problems. Wild caught of course come with overfishing, unsustainable practices, barbaric practices, & contamination due to pollution. On the flip side, when you think of an animal living on a farm or ranch, you probably picture something counter to the natural order and habitat. Salmon farming is no different. Land-based farming is common and includes housing salmon in massive above-ground tanks crowded with fish. The dense population contaminates fish, and many additives and chemicals must be used to produce desirable meat. Not to mention, the fish aren’t as happy!

Ocean farming isn’t industrial and inhumane, but instead mimics that natural habitat of salmon.

They’re farmed “open net,” which means they live in the ocean in large nets that allow ocean currents to pass through. Ocean farming works with nature to produce quality fish, negating the need for antibiotics, oxygen, and other unnatural intervention. Sustainability merged with healthy, happy fish!

Farmed salmon raised in the ocean has all the benefits of wild-caught salmon, with none of the risk!

In fact, it’s higher quality. Feeding salmon well and more often, maintaining water quality, and reducing potential exposure to harmful diseases allows ocean fed salmon to be at the height of luxury flavor and nutritional value.

Here at Oshēn Salmon, we raise our fish in their natural habitat. The ocean provides all the things to help salmon thrive. At a low impact to the environment and without the mercury risk of other methods, we deliver delicious fish to your table.


Why Choose Ocean Farmed Salmon Over Wild or Traditional Farmed Salmon?

Every company has different practices. So it's best to look into the companies sourcing your salmon in depth. For example, Oshēn Salmon provides the best ocean-raised Atlantic salmon on the market. We are passionate about providing you with the best quality and the freshest fish. There are lots of reasons to choose our ocean-raised salmon over the wild caught or farmed fish you’re used to. Here are our promises to you when choosing ocean farmed salmon from Oshēn:

Tastes Great

Oshēn Salmon is both ocean-raised and ocean-loved, and that quality nurturing is evident in the taste. With their flawless living conditions, ocean-raised salmon are happy salmon, which makes for impeccable flavor.

Fed Well

Ocean-raised salmon are plenty active, flying out of the water and swimming against their natural current. Unlike wild salmon, though, they don’t have the risk of starvation or malnutrition. Ocean-raised salmon are fed often and with high-quality food! They are also micro fed, which means they are constantly eating as they would in the wild. Rather than fed in batches like some traditionally farmed salmon. Feeding all at once isn't as natural, plus allows some fish to miss out on feeding time or get bullied from food. This creates inconsistencies in the health of the fish as well.

Lives in Clean Waters

When the label “wild caught” is on the label, the question then becomes, “caught where?” It’s no secret that there are bodies of water that are poisoned by pollution. Ocean-raised salmon get to live in only the best of their natural conditions.

No Higher Cost

You’ll be surprised to learn that ocean-raised Atlantic salmon are sometimes more affordable than farm-raised or wild-caught, because the operational cost is so low. Since the farmers use the environment available, they don’t need as much equipment and supplies, driving the costs down.


Ocean-raised is the most sustainable method of farming salmon. It uses our plentiful ocean resources and little additional equipment. The open-net method provides a home for salmon, but also other sea life like algae and crustaceans.


With those omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins, salmon will help to reduce the risk of heart disease and inflammation. These nutrients also boost brain and immune health and can help with weight loss! Only salmon fed high-quality food can produce such significant health gains.


Ocean-fed Atlantic salmon like ours is the top choice for your family and your health goals!

Salmon is a great protein choice for any meal or occasion. Choosing quality salmon can be difficult, and sometimes discouraging when you pay for something that just isn’t good. Ocean-fed Atlantic salmon like ours will guarantee the best quality every time.

Our salmon ships directly to you, so it’s easy to order hassle-free and you can skip the fish market! You can start with our “One Night Stand” that includes two ocean-raised salmon, or you can dive all-in and grab our “Oshēn’s Twelve,” which comes with a dozen delicious filets! Either way, we know you will taste the difference between our fish and any salmon you’ve tried before.

For 15% off your order at Oshēn Salmon, use code FRESH.

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