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What are Sustainable Salmon Farming Practices

Sustainable Salmon Farming Practices

The word sustainable has become a buzzword recently for every company looking to be greener. But, too often the label of sustainable is nothing more than a sales ploy, and the business has no eco-friendly practices beyond basic recycling. This makes it hard to identify what companies are really doing their part to protect our planet. 

At Oshēn Salmon, our salmon production is truly sustainable. The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), British Retail Consortium (BRC), and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certifications all verify that our process is totally eco-friendly. Despite the many myths about fish farming, our sustainable salmon is environmentally friendly, nutrient-dense, and so delicious! 

To support our ongoing goal of transparency, we’re breaking down exactly how our salmon farming practices are sustainable. We’ll walk you through the processes that grant us our esteemed certifications and prove our eco-conscious status. Here’s everything you need to know about our process: 

What are Sustainable Salmon Farming Practices

Natural Habitat 

The reason many farming practices aren’t sustainable is because of the living conditions of their star employees: the salmon. Land farmed salmon live in large above-ground pens that create artificial living conditions that are often dark, over-crowded, and sometimes teeming with diseases like sea lice. Yuck! 

Oshēn Salmon isn’t like other salmon farming operations. We’re ocean-farmed. This means we use the ocean’s natural resources to produce our fish. We have massive open net pens right in the salt water, and that’s where our fish get to live. They’re literally right at home! 

With our natural aquaculture systems, the salmon can swim in real ocean currents and live in their true habitat with no negative environmental impacts. This makes our customers happy and our fish are pretty happy too. We always say our fish are “ocean-raised” and “ocean-loved!

ocean-farmed salmon info

Low Resource Operation

One way companies fail to be sustainable is through their excessive use of resources. From maintaining large buildings of people to burning thousands of gallons of gas in transport trucks, big business consumes just as much as it produces. 

This is true even in the fish farming industry! Land farmed salmon requires those large above-ground pens, tons of water, and lots of equipment to maintain the artificial aquatic environment. That doesn’t even include processing, shipping, and delivery!

Since we use the ocean to do what it does best (raise fish, of course) our operation requires very few resources. And when it comes to shipping, we do that as sustainably as possible too! We fly our salmon out on passenger flights already headed to their final destination. With every step of production, our environment is considered first! 

Maintain Salmon Ecosystem 

The demand for salmon continues to grow every year. And, we think it’s great that more and more people are realizing the incredible health benefits and delicious taste of this superfood. But, with this growing demand, it’s nearly impossible for wild caught salmon companies to keep up. This has resulted in a massive overfishing issue and the wild salmon populations have tanked in many areas!  

As the world’s population grows more interested in healthy fish, the wild salmon population goes down. It’s that simple! This means that wild caught operations, though they may seem better for the environment, are actually worse. This is where farm raised salmon comes to the rescue. 

Our ocean salmon farms allow us to produce our own fish and leave endangered populations of salmon alone. Additionally, we work with conservation efforts to replenish areas already destroyed by overfishing. 

With salmon production being one of the fastest growing industries in the health food niche, it’s our responsibility to maintain our ecosystems. Oshēn Salmon takes special care to maintain the wild salmon populations and protect their ecosystem. 

Sustainable Salmon Farming Practices checklist

Protect Earth and Waterways 

We all know that industry has harsh environmental impacts. Pollution, deforestation, and wildlife destruction are just a few reasons people opt for sustainable companies. One of the most strenuous industries for our environment is the farming industry. Production of chicken, pork, and beef can wreak havoc on our planet due to its heavy resource use and large carbon emissions. 

Salmon farming is a much more sustainable option. Especially if you choose ocean farmed salmon over land based options. Remember, our salmon uses few resources and poses little to no risk to the environment. Salmon is one of the most sustainable food sources on the planet! 

Animal Welfare Focus 

Our ocean farmed Atlantic salmon are treated humanely from the start. Of course, we raise them in their beautiful and sustainable natural environment. But, we also make sure they’re well-fed and disease free. And we do this without any artificial growth hormones, food dyes, or harsh chemicals. 

Once they’re ready to harvest, we use our humane harvesting and processing procedure to get the fish ready for you. You can be assured that the animals’ welfare was maintained at all times in our facility. Our BAP certification proves that! 

High Standards of Quality 

Lastly, we demand a high standard of quality. Oshēn Salmon only produces the tastiest and most nutrient-dense fish possible. We have both fresh and frozen options that are shipped directly to you. And, every package is guaranteed 7 days fresher than the competition. So, you’ll never have to worry about picking your own quality salmon at the fish market again. We’ll ship the best of the best right to your door. 

If you’re ready to give it a try, use code FRESH for 15% off at checkout. If you’re already a big fan and frequent customer, don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for preparation tips, meal ideas, and health facts about salmon. We’d love to have you in our community! 

Oshēn Salmon sustainable farming

Oshēn Salmon has proven sustainable farming practices that are good for you, the fish, and the planet. 

There you have it! Now you understand why Oshēn Salmon holds so many prestigious certifications. There’s no doubt that our ocean-farmed process is sustainable from the nursery to your door. We work hard to make sure that earth-loving people like you can have the best quality fish totally guilt-free. When you purchase Oshēn salmon, you know you made the right choice for your meal and for the planet!

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