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The Best Thanksgiving-Inspired Salmon Recipes

The Best Thanksgiving-Inspired Salmon Recipes

Step aside, turkey. We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with our all-time favorite protein — salmon.

Instead of serving the traditional turkey or ham, impress your family and friends with a holiday-inspired fish appetizer or main course. Plus, make this season's festivities even easier by ordering Oshēn salmon straight to your door, ready to prepare in minutes all without leaving your home. It's exactly what you need to ease your holiday prep.

Pro tip: Don't forget to scale the recipe up or down depending on how many people you plan to serve, and consider pairing the dish with other Thanksgiving staples, like sweet potato casserole or a homemade pie.


The Best Thanksgiving-Inspired Salmon Recipes

Slow-Roasted Thanksgiving Salmon

Not only is this dish beyond simple to prepare, but it will also take you a fraction of the time compared to preparing a traditional holiday turkey or ham. Plus, the flavor is exceedingly versatile, allowing this recipe to be deliciously paired with any other Thanksgiving or holiday plate you desire.

Savory Smoked Salmon Appetizer

The holiday season is a perfect time to brush up on your appetizer-making skills. After all, it's meaningful to bring a dish to a friend or family's home that was entirely made by you. Consider this smoked salmon appetizer as an option.

Easy, Festive Cranberry Salmon with Spices

Savor the best of fall and winter flavors in one scrumptious dish: our recipe for cranberry salmon with spices — which is delicately garnished with sweet cranberry chutney and spiced with rosemary and thyme.

Honey Baked Salmon with Fall-Forward Roasted Sweet Vegetables

Perfect for the fall season, this recipe for honey baked salmon with fall-forward roasted sweet vegetables is an absolute delight. Inspired by South Florida chef Dana Manz's creation, it helps that this plate is simple to prepare, too.

Sweet, Spiced Rosemary and Maple Salmon

As the leaves turn and the weather cools, many of us are eager for a change of pace. As you get your holiday plans in the books, consider delighting friends and family with a unique spin on a classic roasted salmon recipe. Featuring a homemade maple marinade, our recipe for sweet, spiced rosemary and maple salmon will remind you why the flavorful tones of fall are as comforting as they are colorful. 

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