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Sustainable Salmon Delivery

Sustainable Salmon Delivery

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a vital choice to protect our ecosystem and preserve natural resources for future generations. Living sustainably reduces our energy use, reinforces healthy habitats, and ensures a positive future for us all! 

Buying sustainable products like Oshēn Salmon is a great first step to living more eco-conscious. But, we should also consider the delivery methods of our sustainable products to confirm we’re making the smallest impact possible. 

Oshēn’s ocean farmed salmon not only comes from eco-friendly sources with a GSI and BAP certification to prove it, but our seafood boxes also arrive sustainably to your doorstep! In fact, buying from salmon companies like Oshēn that ship directly to you is the best option for the environment! 

So, what is sustainable salmon delivery? Today, we’re discussing our delivery process and showing you why we’re the best eco-conscious choice for your seafood delivery. 

What is sustainable salmon delivery?

Sustainable Salmon Delivery

Sustainable salmon delivery takes the environment into account with every step of the production and delivery process by using sustainable transport, packaging, and shipping methods. This guarantees fresh and eco-conscious fish every time! This is a very different story than fish purchased in your local stores or fish markets. 

When you are shopping at a fish market, you should be on high-alert for any seafood that does not look fresh. Whether it’s ocean raised, farm raised, or wild caught salmon, freshness is of the utmost importance. 

So, what happens to the seafood that did go bad? That seafood is thrown out along with tons of other food across the country, contributing significantly to the world’s growing food waste problem

Not only do fish markets contribute negatively to the environment, but poor delivery methods to the markets or stores can leave a significant carbon footprint (that includes wild caught seafood and farm raised seafood). 

Moving to direct-to-consumer sustainable seafood, whether it be coho salmon, bluefin tuna, black cod, or our favorite, Atlantic salmon, is a much better choice for our environment and the future. This is because there is balance between supply and demand when you order exactly the amount of fish you need, decreasing the possibility of food waste. 

Wondering how we get our salmon from the ocean to your table sustainably? Check out our process below!  

Oshēn Salmon Sustainable Shipping Process

Step One: Retrieve Fish from Fjords of Southern Chile 

Our ocean farms are in the cool fjords of southern Chile where our fish thrive in their natural habitat. Once the fish are mature, we use cruelty-free fishing practices to capture the salmon. Our Atlantic salmon swim into a well-boat, and once inside we slowly lower the temperature of the water. 

Step Two: Harvest and Process Salmon at Our Facility 

Once the salmon are harvested, we bring them to our facility where they are processed into filets and vacuum sealed into sustainable packaging. We know how plastic can negatively impact our environment, too! 

Step Three: Place Salmon in Coolers

As soon as the salmon are processed, they’re immediately taken to specially designed coolers that keep the salmon at the optimal storage temperature. We don’t use dry ice, because we want to keep your salmon fresh! This refrigeration system keeps your salmon cold, but not frozen.

Oshēn Salmon boxes and fish

Step Four: Board Salmon on Chilean Passenger Planes

Now, it’s time for the salmon to head your way! Instead of burdening our environment with our own planes and massive shipping vessels, we uniquely ship our salmon coolers via Chilean passenger planes that are already headed to our ideal destination!

Step Five: Flash Freeze Salmon

Once the salmon arrive, they are double-checked for quality and freshness. Then, they are flash frozen to keep them fresh on the way to your house. Through this whole process, the salmon have not left our caring hands! 

Step Six: Mail Salmon Quickly to You 

Now, we ship that salmon to you the fastest way possible! The salmon is well-packed to stay nice and cool, so there is no need to worry about freshness while it’s in transport. We also give you access to detailed tracking to ensure you can grab your salmon within a few hours of delivery. 

Step Seven: Salmon Arrives on Your Doorstep

Finally, your salmon arrives on your doorstep guaranteed 7 days fresher than the competition. Not only did it arrive faster, but it arrived more sustainably than other seafood delivery companies.

Now all that’s left to do is cook your salmon! Try sushi with raw or smoked salmon, salmon for breakfast, or even salmon in a rice bowl! The possibilities with this delicious and nutritious seafood choice are really endless! 

Oshēn Salmon sustainable salmon delivery

With your perfectly portioned salmon from Oshēn Salmon's premier seafood packages, you can help reduce food waste!

Oshēn Salmon provides direct-to-consumer delivery that is good for you and good for the environment! Sustainable food choices can reduce water use by 50% and gas emissions by 70% according to the National Library of Medicine. So, just think of the impact you could not only make on your own health, but on the health of the environment too! 

Maybe you’re someone who has made a lot of environmentally friendly changes to your lifestyle, or maybe you’re someone who is just getting started with their sustainability journey. Either way, replacing your current protein choices with our salmon packages is a great next step! Use the code FRESH for 15% off your first order and continue living your sustainable lifestyle.

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