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10 Salmon Rice Bowl Ideas

10 Salmon Rice Bowl Ideas

Here at Oshēn Salmon, we love to mix it up and try new dishes! Our favorite thing about salmon, besides how delicious it is, is that it’s versatile flavor makes it easy to pair with almost any other food you can think of! Plus, it’s our favorite go-to protein to keep us feeling full and on-the-go. Rice bowls are the perfect, healthy meal to help you get all the nutrition and protein you need for the day, and because salmon is so dynamic, it’s the absolute perfect addition to any rice bowl. In fact, salmon rice bowls are one of the best and most healthy ways to eat salmon.

Rice bowls are delicious and nutritious meals that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. These Asian inspired bowls include rice and a combination of other healthy components like meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and sauces. The tender and delicious taste of salmon is the perfect “cherry on top” of any variety of fruits and vegetables. So, today, we’ll be talking about some awesome salmon rice bowl recipes and we hope that we inspire you to try this new and unique way to cook salmon.


10 Salmon Rice Bowl Ideas

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl

If you haven’t tried salmon for breakfast yet, you’re definitely missing out! This smoked salmon breakfast bowl is chock full of nutrition with arugula, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and more! You can add any type of rice (short or long grain) to this breakfast bowl, or mix it up with quinoa or grits.

Easy Leftover Salmon Rice Bowl

This easy-peasy salmon rice bowl comes straight from Tik-Tok and we love it! This salmon bowl includes delicious ingredients like avocado, kewpie mayo, and sriracha sauce. Plus, it's the perfect meal to help you use that leftover salmon.

Glazed Salmon and Rice Bowl

This glazed salmon and rice bowl is down-right delicious because of it’s amazing marinade. With soy sauce, honey, and vinegar, this sweet and savory dish is sure to please the whole family.

Fiesta Salmon Rice Bowl

This fiesta salmon rice bowl has a ton of delicious ingredients that combine to make an amazing taste sensation. The corn, cilantro, lime, and avocado slices work together to bring out all those natural flavors found in salmon.

Sesame Salmon Bowl

If you love sushi and raw salmon, this is the recipe for you! In this Japanese inspired dish, you will encounter an amazing mix of flavors like cole slaw, cucumbers, vinegar, and soy sauce. And the best part is, this recipe only has four steps.


Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl with Spinach and Avocado

This teriyaki salmon rice bowl recipe is delicious, nutritious, and serves up to four people. The natural flavors of salmon come to life when combined with the avocado, garlic, spinach, and scallions. Plus, the teriyaki sauce is a deliciously sweet topping for your salmon and rice and one of the best sauces that go well with salmon.

Asian Salmon Bowl with Lime Drizzle

If there's one thing we know about salmon, it's that adding lime juice can really bring out all those natural flavors. This Asian Salmon Bowl with Lime Drizzle has five-star reviews, requires minimal ingredients, feeds four, and has only a few, simple steps.

Thai Salmon Brown Rice Bowl

This Thai Salmon Brown Rice Bowl takes only 15 minutes to prepare and is sure to please the whole family. With carrots, cabbage, cilantro, and ginger, you can’t go wrong with this healthy and hearty recipe!

Spicy Salmon Bowl

If you’re a spicy food lover, this recipe is for you! With pickled cucumbers and spicy mayo, you can’t go wrong with this spicy salmon bowl. This recipe has only four steps and takes about one hour to prepare.

Pan-Seared Miso Salmon Rice Bowl

Grab your skillet and let’s get to it! This pan-seared salmon rice bowl is colorful, flavorful, and super easy to make. This recipe features delicious marinated cabbage and sauteed mushrooms to give off an amazing aroma while cooking. Feel free to also add other ingredients like radishes, broccoli, and green onion.


How will you prepare your salmon rice bowl?

The amazing thing about rice bowls is that you can mix and match all your favorite ingredients and you’ll never feel like you’re eating the same rice bowl twice! When preparing rice bowls, there is so much opportunity to get creative and try new, and delicious ingredients. That’s why salmon is the perfect addition to any rice bowl - it tastes delicious and it pairs perfectly with almost any other food! The secret to the recipes above is to use only fresh and high-quality salmon, so grab your Oshēn Salmon filets, and let’s get cooking! And don’t forget to check back into the Oshēn Salmon Blog for new and inspiring recipes each and every week!


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