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Salmon Benefits for Women

Salmon Benefits for Women

Salmon is a fish well known to be packed full of nutrients. It contains high amounts of minerals, Vitamin B12, and Omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential components that are key to any nutritious and well-balanced meal. Plus, Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly beneficial for women’s health. Eating just two servings of salmon a week can help you meet these important nutrient requirements.

Why should you eat fish high in Omega-3s? Studies suggest that Omega-3 fatty acids have multiple health benefits for women. They are a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential to vital functions and for reducing your risk of heart disease. Here is a brief overview to give you an idea of just how beneficial consuming these fatty acids are to your overall health. In one individual serving you are getting 4,123 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids. This means that you are meeting your weekly requirement of these fatty acids in just 2 meals. Let’s also mention that nothing is better than consuming these nutrients by way of diet. Trying to supplement fatty acids just isn’t the same thing!

So, you’re curious about what the health benefits of salmon for women are, this article will cover it all. From Omega-3 fatty acids to Vitamin B12, keep reading to find out why you should eat this fantastic fish.


Salmon Benefits for Women

It will help you ease menstrual pain:

Did you know that omega-3 fatty acids reduce the intensity of primary dysmenorrhea, also known as cramps? These pains are caused by the contractions of the uterus that occur while women are on their period, and can be tricky to alleviate. Luckily, studies show that dysmenorrhea can be treated with a supplemental intake of foods high in omega-3s, like salmon. Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, these fatty acids help to reduce the pain and even lessen the average ibuprofen intake during periods.

Eating salmon can improve skin, hair, & nail health.

What woman doesn’t want glowing skin, strong nails, and long locks? The B vitamins in salmon help with overall skin, hair, and nail health and growth. Salmon is packed with all your favorite B vitamins 1 - 12. Plus, fatty acids are essential for healthy cell membranes in your hair, skin, and nails. So make sure you make eating salmon a part of your beauty routine.

Omega-3 helps with postpartum blues:

Omega-3 fatty acids are effective in battling major depression and its symptoms. If you are a new mom dealing with postpartum blues, you may want to up your salmon consumption and let your brain thrive off these nutrient-dense fatty acids. Studies suggest they can specifically help with reducing the risk of and treat postpartum depression, but more clinical trials are yet to be made for further confirmation of the recommended dosage.

Salmon contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis:

Women tend to be at a naturally higher risk of suffering from osteoporosis than men. The risk for women increases once they have reached menopause, thanks to the elevated drop of estrogen levels. Salmon is packed full of the trace mineral selenium, which helps protect bones. There have also been recent studies confirming evidence that diets high in omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial for bone health, hence why eating salmon can help you prevent this disease. While the optimal dose of salmon and oily fish high in omega-3s is still unclear, you should strive to eat at least two servings per week.

The nutrients in salmon support a reduced risk of cancer.

Cancer is, unfortunately, becoming more and more common. Women face specific risks associated with getting cancer. For example, currently, 1 in 8 women in American get breast cancer. Therefore, doing anything and everything you can to reduce your risk of getting cancer as a woman is your best bet. Obviously, there are no guarantees, but diet plays a huge role in overall health and wellness. Many of the nutrients, for example, selenium have been linked to lowering your risk of cancer.

Salmon won’t make you bloat.

As women, we’re always trying to look and feel our best. Many proteins can make you feel bloated or inflamed. Salmon has tons of anti-inflammatory properties, and can even reduce inflammation due to the omega 3’s and other nutrients in the fish. So eating salmon during a night out or just before you throw on your bikini won’t make you feel puffy, which is an A+ in our book.

It lessens the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis:

This disease happens when the body’s immune system starts attacking the lining of the joints in different areas, resulting in inflammation and increased pain. Women are particularly at risk and are in fact three times more likely to be affected by it than men. The good news is, a consistent intake of Omega-3 fatty acids alleviates the consequences of rheumatoid arthritis. Since salmon is high in omega-3s, it is a great natural supplement of these fatty acids for those looking to improve their condition, reduce their medication intake, and fight this autoimmune disease.

Eating salmon helps with reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease:

Once women reach menopause, estrogen levels go down in a significant manner. Because of this newfound absence of the cardioprotective effect of estrogen, women gain a higher risk of heart health conditions, such as suffering from an unexpected heart attack. Studies have documented the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids regarding the cardiovascular system, especially in reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease. These fatty acids can help to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammatory responses, prevent platelets from clumping together, and decrease the risk for thrombosis and arrhythmias. Salmon is so beneficial on this matter, that the American Heart Association has recommended all adults to eat oily fish at least two times a week.

The omega-3 fatty acid has been linked to a reduction in preterm birth:

Omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy has been associated with a significant reduction in early preterm birth and preterm birth, meaning before 34 and 37 weeks. Thanks to the high levels of these fatty acids found in salmon, eating this food on a regular basis during fetal development can help to avoid preterm birth and reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Salmon contributes to weight loss and the ease of metabolic syndrome:

The rich amount of Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon has been proven to modulate satiety in overweight and obese patients during their weight loss journey. Metabolic syndrome is associated with drastic weight increases and insulin resistance. Omega-3  supplements were deemed helpful in decreasing insulin resistance and increasing the antioxidant capacity of the body, therefore reducing the risk of diabetes and contributing to weight loss.

Did you know of any of these salmon benefits for women?

As you can tell, salmon has multiple health benefits for women. This makes it the perfect nutritious food to maintain optimal health and improve your overall well-being. This oily fish is filled with delicious goodness and works for a ton of easy-to-prepare and healthy recipes. You can find many of them here on the Oshēn Salmon blog, alongside multiple articles that expand on other advantages of eating salmon. Enjoy the health benefits and homemade meals!




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