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10 Salmon Appetizers for the Holidays

10 Salmon Appetizers for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and what always comes with festive holiday gatherings? Food! Sure, the big holiday dinner is great, especially when it features a delicious salmon dish. But really, the best part of any get-together is the yummy appetizers! 

So, today, we’re sharing our top holiday appetizers that are cooked with rich and flakey ocean-farmed salmon! Appetizers made with salmon are particularly delectable and irresistible, because they’re sustainable, nutritious, and totally delicious. Here’s 10 salmon appetizers you can make for your next festive get together:

10 Salmon Appetizers for the Holidays

Smoked Salmon Grazing Board

Grazing boards are super trendy because they’re not only delicious, but they’re aesthetically pleasing too. The grab-and-go nature of the platter makes it a communal experience and a focal point of an entire party! 

So, what is a grazing board? It’s a platter of foods that have complimentary flavors arranged on a wooden board. It usually includes crackers, soft-boiled eggs, cream cheese spreads, various cheeses, picked vegetables, and smoked salmon, of course! You can arrange it however you want, but for a really festive twist, use a round board and arrange your food in the shape of a wreath. This will definitely become one of your favorite smoked salmon appetizers. 

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

Cream cheese and smoked salmon are a match made in heaven. This is a classic combo that works in almost any form. For this recipe, spread cream cheese on a flour tortilla, sprinkle smoked salmon chunks on top, add spinach and bell peppers, and then roll it up. Cut your roll into bite sized slices and serve on a platter for a delectable holiday appetizer! Easy peasy!

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a simple holiday appetizer! And, they’re an expected holiday appetizer. But, you can totally elevate this tried-and-true canape using smoked salmon. Just finely chop the smoked salmon and stir it in with your yolk mixture, then top the deviled eggs with Old Bay seasoning for a little kick. Yum!   

Smoked Salmon Crostini

This crostini salmon appetizer looks gourmet, but is super easy to make. It starts with a thinly sliced baguette. Then, you dollop a cream cheese mixture on top that includes smoked salmon, jalapenos, fresh dill, lemon, garlic, and salt. Finally, top your crostini with capers. A delicious light snack, perfect for a holiday party.

Smoked Salmon Quesadillas

Here’s another salmon finger food you can munch on all day! Inside wheat tortillas, you’ll add a mixture of light cream cheese, skim milk, minced chives, smoked salmon, and capers. These quesadillas are quartered to make the perfect portions for party guests. You could even make a dipping sauce to go with this tasty appetizer!  

Teriyaki Salmon Bites

If you’re not a smoked salmon person, these teriyaki salmon bites are the perfect salmon dish. First, you cube your salmon filets into bite sized pieces. Then, you marinade the salmon bites in a soy sauce, lemon juice, ginger, chili, garlic, and sea salt mixture. Finally, you cook your salmon with honey and sesame seeds. To serve, stick them on toothpicks and garnish with sesame seeds, spring onion, and red chili. 

Baked Salmon Meatballs

Ground salmon recipes are the best, because they add a whole new texture to salmon meals.  Not to mention, it’s super easy to cook. For this appetizer, use ground salmon to make meatballs and top those meatballs with a creamy avocado sauce. You get the delicious texture of a meatball, but with a healthy twist. Plus, we think these meatballs are more delicious than the beef alternative. Seriously, they’re delicious! 

Salmon Puff Pastry Bites

This recipe only requires about half a dozen ingredients and it creates little bite size pieces that you won’t be able to stop eating! You just need store-bought puff pastry, smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives, lemon juice, and black pepper. You use the puff pastry to create two little buns, and the rest of the ingredients make a tasty filling for between the two pieces of pastry. They’re delectable little snacks that are sure to please even the toughest food critics!

7 Layer Salmon Dip

Everyone loves a good dip at a holiday party! This 7-layer masterpiece includes cream cheese, dill leaves, lemon juice, smoked salmon, radishes, red onions, goat cheese, cucumbers, roasted red pepper strips, boursin cheese, capers, cranberry relish, and chives! You can pair the dip with any crackers or breads you choose. Delicious and versatile. 

Salmon Cucumber Bites

These salmon cucumber bites could not be more fitting for the holiday season! Because once they’re done, they look like little Christmas trees. The first layer is cucumber, then cream cheese, smoked salmon, and finally a ribbon of cucumber to swirl up a toothpick. 

Not only are they cute and totally gluten free, but the combo of cream cheese, cucumbers, and salmon touches on all the perfect taste bud points! Plus, the slices of cucumber create a satisfying crunch at the end of your bite. 

Salmon is the perfect protein for a tasty holiday appetizer! 

If you don’t know what to bring to your next festive get-together, consider salmon. It’s sure to please, and you probably won’t make the same appetizer as someone else. You’ll be the star of the show with your salmon dish that’s delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly. This is especially true when you choose ocean-farmed salmon from Oshēn Salmon for your appetizer. 

Our salmon is BAP-certified, hormone and dye-free, sustainable, and fresher than the competition. And, if you’re worried about going out in the cold to buy it, don’t worry. Our salmon ships directly to you! Stay warm in your house while we do all the work. Oh, and as a holiday gift, use code FRESH at checkout for 15% off your order. Happy holidays!
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