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Is Salmon Brain Food

Is Salmon Brain Food

Salmon has rightfully earned its title as one of the world’s favorite superfoods. This fatty fish is a significant source of protein, vitamin B, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids that protect you from heart disease and brain conditions. And, if being nutrient-dense wasn’t enough, salmon is also delicious, versatile, and sustainable (when sourced appropriately). 

There are few things as integral to our health than supporting brain function. Our minds are the epicenter of all our bodily functions. Good brain health will have positive impacts on your physical, cognitive, and mental health, which makes choosing a brain-supporting food like salmon a total no-brainer. (Pun intended.) 

But, remember, not all salmon are produced equally. Ocean-raised Atlantic salmon like ours is healthier, safer, and more sustainable. So, in order to reap the most brain benefits from your salmon, dump wild salmon and opt for the superior Oshēn Atlantic salmon option. 

Once you’ve selected your salmon, cooked your delectable meal, all that’s left to do is thrive cognitively and mentally because of your healthy choice! So, let's go over all the reasons why salmon is the ultimate superfood for supporting a healthy future! 

is salmon brain food

Is Salmon Brain Food

Your brain is made up of 60% omega-3 fatty acids. And, 66% of those fatty acids are docosahexaenoic acids (better known as DHA). Salmon is packed with the fatty-acids EPA and DHA, making this fish the perfect brain-boosting seafood selection! 

Because salmon is so good for you, particularly ocean-raised salmon, doctors recommend eating 2-3 servings of salmon or other oily fish per week. If you’re not really into the taste of seafood, doctors recommend taking fish oil supplements in order to reap the rewards that come from this miracle fish! 

Here are the ways salmon is great for your brain:

Slows Cognitive Decline

Studies have found that regions that eat more oily fish like salmon have a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists speculate the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon do all the work to support an aging brain. Omega-3 fatty acids protect nerve cells, reduce inflammation, and clean-up dangerous protein build ups that increase cognitive decline. 

Reduces Inflammation

Another health benefit to eating salmon is its ability to reduce inflammation. You have probably heard of inflammation affecting your joints, but inflammation can also block blood vessels near the brain. This inflammation can then prevent nutrients and immune cells from entering the brain. 

Over time, this can cause lapses in memory, confusion, lack of focus, reduced appetite, fatigue, and even depression. This anti-inflammatory delicacy is a great choice to support healthy brain function. 

Improves Concentration

If you zone out at work or struggle to stay on task, salmon can help you concentrate. This nutrient prevents the shrinking of nerve cells. So, communication from your brain to the rest of your body remains sharp! 

It’s important to consume these omega-3 fatty acids in some way, whether it’s using one of our direct-to-consumer salmon delivery options or a fish oil supplement. Our brains do not produce fatty acids on their own, so it needs support from our diet.

Prevents Mood Disorders

Salmon can also reduce the risk of mood disorders like depression and anxiety. EPA and DHA fatty acids decrease inflammation, which helps neurotransmitters maintain cortisol and adrenaline levels. Without irregular cortisol and adrenaline spikes, you’ll feel a reduction in anxiety and depression. 

Fights Memory Loss

Remember those blood vessels we discussed earlier? High blood pressure and weight gain can damage those blood vessels and prevent nutrients and immune cells from reaching your brain. 

The nutrients in salmon, though, can help you lower your blood pressure and lose weight. Improvements in both blood pressure and weight loss will allow for good blood flow, which directly improves memory and cognition. 

how does salmon help brain function

Increases Brain Matter

What if salmon could actually make you smarter? Gray matter in your brain handles information processing, and people with higher IQs have considerably more gray matter than those with lower scores. 

Fish oil has actually been found to increase the amount of gray matter in the brain and reduce the size of white matter lesions, which cause serious brain impairment. So, it’s possible that salmon may quite literally make you smarter! 

Produces Neurotransmitters

Here those fatty acids go again! DHA supports the development of neurotransmitters that help your brain command the rest of the body. With more assistance in the production of these neurotransmitters, your brain can actually work faster! 

Helps with ADHD 

A study found that children with ADHD saw a sharp decrease in symptoms after taking fish oil supplements. This is due to the EPA fatty acid specifically. The reduction of symptoms combined with the memory and cognition benefits means a more focused mind for those living with ADHD. 

Better Retention of Information

As we’ve discussed, omega-3 fatty acids help with concentration and memory. Because of these benefits, you’ll find retaining information much easier. With more oxygen and blood flow to the brain, you’ll be focused and prepared for whatever the day has in store for you. 

Protects Brain from Injury

Finally, the nutrients in salmon create a protective barrier around the brain that prevents your neurons from damage. Remember, your body can’t develop omega-3 on its own, so it’s up to you to consume enough salmon and oily fish to build up your brain’s strength!

salmon is great for brain health and improves overall cognitive function

Salmon is great for your brain health because it improves mood, memory, focus, and overall cognitive function.  

Not only is salmon good for your brain, it’s absolutely essential! Your cognitive health relies on your consumption of omega-3 fatty acids. And, if you have mood and focus issues, your body might be telling you it has an omega-3 deficiency! 

Luckily, you can easily get your 3 servings of salmon a week with our Oshēn’s Twelve box that comes with a dozen delicious ocean-raised frozen filets. With code FRESH, you can get 15% off your first order of any of our salmon packages! Not sure how to cook your salmon? Try out one of our recipes to reap all the benefits of this delicious and healthy fish! 

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