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Is Oshēn Salmon Kosher?

Is Oshēn Salmon Kosher?

First off, what does kosher mean? This is a term used to refer to the foods that align with traditional Jewish law. Those following a kosher diet follow a strict set of guidelines when it comes to preparing or consuming a meal or drink. It applies to all.

However, not all fish are kosher. Only those with both fins and scales are allowed for consumption according to traditional Jewish diets. In addition, all fish with reddish or pink meat is also considered to be kosher.

Nowadays, the use of vitamins in farmed salmon has created new controversy regarding its kosher status. Because this growth supplements reddish the skin of the salmon, it has made it difficult for Jewish buyers to identify the true kosher fish. Today’s post is dedicated to dissipating any doubts you might have about whether Oshen salmon is kosher. You will also learn the differences between kosher and non-kosher salmon! Let’s dig in!

Is Oshēn Salmon Kosher?

Our ocean-raised, ocean-loved salmon is indeed kosher. This beloved fish is raised in the cold-water fjords of southern Chile, and each step from there to your table is handled with remarkable care.

From the egg, Oshēn salmon is entirely at our care. No third-party companies, no modern growth hormones, and no waste runoff. We are dedicated to creating sustainable practices and bringing you the healthiest, most delicious salmon there can be.

Because our salmon is packaged with the skin on, you can see its subtle scales first-hand to ensure it is a kosher fish. Here we don’t discard all fish render right away, as we believe the skin can be consumed in delicious ways while minimizing waste. For that reason, our pink-fleshed, skin-on, delicious salmon is safe to eat for anyone following a kosher diet.


Characteristics Of Kosher Salmon

Reddish or pink skin.

This is a staple for the Jewish law, as all fish naturally pink or reddish are considered kosher.

Skin and scales visible.

Fish are kosher if they have both fins and scales, but the skin and scales must be showing at the time of purchase or cooking. Because Oshēn salmon comes with its beautiful skin, it’s kosher approved.

No artificial coloring.

This is a controversial topic, but it’s best to stay clear from artificially colored salmon, anyway. Oshēn salmon is naturally fed and never color enhanced. Ocean loved fish are not given any hormones or steroids that might affect their natural hues.

No genetic engineering.

Here’s the deal. Genetically engineered salmon usually contain an antifreeze booster that comes from a fish called the ocean pout. This fish is not considered kosher, therefore affecting the kosher status of the whole salmon. If you want your fish to be kosher, stick to naturally raised ones. Our ocean-raised, ocean-loved salmon does not undergo any genetic engineering. We like to keep it natural around here.

Did you know Oshen salmon is kosher?

There you have it! Now you know the difference between kosher and non-kosher salmon! It can be a challenge to find out the true kosher status of this fantastic fish, but lucky for you, Oshēn salmon is kosher! You can trust our sustainable practices and natural processes for it. Now, how will you be cooking your kosher salmon on your next meal? Remember you can check our blog and Pinterest for recipes!

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