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How To Tell If Salmon Has Gone Bad

How To Tell If Salmon Has Gone Bad

We all know salmon steals the show from every other fish out there. It has the tastiest meat and the most attractive bright pink color. This makes it the perfect choice for high-end and or homemade meals. There are hundreds of recipes from all over the world starring salmon! And it’s no surprise since it can easily enhance any dish.

Because of its refined flavor, it’s always best to use the freshest salmon available. Oshēn Salmon is by far your best option when it comes to freshness. We deliver sustainable, ocean raised, ocean loved fish directing to your doorstep. There is no fresher option than receiving your fish straight from the ocean that is packaged, never frozen, and shipped directly to you. No middle men or grocery stores.

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This is incredibly important because you want to ensure it has the maximum nutritional content and the utmost optimal taste. If you are not using fresh salmon, the side effects can be really dangerous.

To be clear of all risks, it’s always best to check if raw salmon has any signs of spoilage. You shouldn’t consume anything that does not appear to be safe to eat. Today’s post will provide you with all the details on how to tell if salmon has gone bad and when it’s time to discard this fish.

How To Tell If Salmon Has Gone Bad


It has a dulled, gray color

Fresh salmon is usually bright pink or at least an attractive rosy or slightly orange color. Stay away from grayish salmon.  That is not a fish safe to eat! Also, it doesn’t matter if you cook and store your salmon, it can still be dangerous. Leftover salmon can go bad too, especially when left at room temperature for hours. So, as a rule of thumb, if your salmon looks pale and discolored, it’s best to just throw it away.

Overly fishy smell

Raw salmon should smell fresh. A strong fishy smell is a tell-tale sign to avoid it. But because salmon still is a type of fish, it will of course have a scent. Don’t expect it to smell like anything. Fresh salmon should have a mild scent, whether it’s cooked or raw. It just should not be overbearing. If the smell of salmon causes you to make a funky face, it probably isn’t fresh. You can also do a smell test on frozen salmon, despite the nice smell. Just sniff it really closely, you will notice a fishy smell if the salmon has gone bad.

No clear white lines

Fresh salmon has beautiful and defined white lines all across it. One sign of spoilage in this fish is the absence of these lines. You will find more diffused and grayish lines instead. This is an immediate sign that the salmon is not safe to eat.

No bounce

Just like with your own body, salmon flesh should bounce back when you press it with a finger. If you press your fingers into the salmon and it springs right back up, it’s safe to eat! Otherwise, if the flesh stays sunken and dimpled, the whole fish should be thrown away.

Fragile flesh

Fresh salmon has firm flesh. Once you touch it, it should spring back and hold together entirely. If you press into its flesh and you notice it breaking apart it means it isn’t fresh anymore and you should discard the fish right away.

What are your favorite tricks to tell if salmon has gone bad?

It’s never fun to realize a delicious salmon has gone bad, but it’s best to be safe than sorry. Food poisoning or other diseases are not fun and they are not worth the risk of eating salmon that has gone bad. Pay attention to the details, stay alert for any signs of spoilage, and you will be just fine! Now that you know how to spot spoiled salmon, check out the best way to keep salmon fresh! Or, stop by and take a look around at some of our favorite recipes!

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