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How To Eat Raw Salmon At Home

How To Eat Raw Salmon At Home

We all know salmon is pretty much the most versatile fish out there! Besides having a wild amount of health benefits, salmon can be cooked a ton of different ways too. And each one is even tastier than the other! But another delicious way to enjoy this fish is eating it raw! Yes, raw salmon is a thing. One that you should get very much on board with!

At home, you can eat different types of raw fish, including salmon. Despite common concerns, it’s perfectly safe to eat raw salmon from the comfort of your own kitchen! Though there are safety precautions you should always take before consuming any raw consumption of fish.

The most important thing to consider when eating raw fish, is freshness. You want to ensure you're getting the freshest fish possible. Oshēn salmon is packaged and shipped directly to your doorstep. Because there are no grocery store middle men, the fish arrives at your doorstep having never been frozen. It's by far the freshest option available for salmon loving consumers.

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The FDA deems it safe but recommends a specific set of guidelines to avoid food poisoning. As for the CDC, it states that raw salmon has been linked to foodborne illness so it’s one of those things you just have to be super careful about and follow all safety guidelines just as you would if you went to a sushi restaurant. And today’s article is all the tips and tricks you need to be safe while eating raw salmon at home!


How To Eat Raw Salmon At Home

Opt for sashimi-grade salmon.

Sashimi-grade fish is the one commonly used in sushi platters and other fine dining dishes. Sashimi is actually a dish made of thin slices of raw fish, such as salmon or tuna, served without rice or other sides to appreciate the natural flavors of the meat. Because the salmon used for sashimi must be in perfectly safe conditions to eat raw, lots of people prefer to buy sashimi-grade fish for its raw consumption. This is a great way to ensure salmon undergo strict rules before being deemed safe! Sashimi-grade salmon must meet very specific criteria, so opt for this type of fish if you’re planning to eat salmon raw.

Always check if the salmon is 100% fresh.

Let us break it to you: every home cook should know how to tell if salmon has gone bad. This is a necessary skill if you want to prepare any dishes with raw salmon in them! There are different signs of spoilage that you can look for when shopping for fresh salmon. For example, steer clear of dull-looking fish with gray skin and no clear white lines. If the flesh doesn’t bounce when you touch it, it’s also a huge no-no. Fragile flesh is a big telltale that the salmon has gone bad. The same goes for salmon with an overly fishy smell, you don’t want that fish anywhere near your kitchen!

Store and prepare the fish properly before raw consumption.

It’s important to keep the salmon safe to eat raw before you prepare your meal! As soon as you buy the fish, keep it cold. This is crucial to kill any parasites and stop them from reaching the flesh. When you get home, put it in the freezer and let it rest for a while. Only then you can rinse it and prepare to fillet it! Head over to this article to know more about the best ways to keep salmon fresh.

Fillet the salmon yourself if you’re buying the whole fish.

Unless you are 100% sure you are buying sashimi-grade salmon fillets, it’s easier to just buy a whole salmon and fillet it at home. It can seem like a real challenge, but it’s way simpler than it sounds! Buying a whole salmon will help you identify which one is the fresher fish and spot any signs of spoilage clearer than with a fillet. As for the process of filleting a salmon at home, we’ve got you covered. Read this article on how to fillet a salmon for all the advice you need!

Check the fish for worms and other parasites.

If you’re eating salmon raw, there’s no negotiating here. You have to double-check the fish for any worms before preparing a raw meal! This applies if you buy sashimi-grade salmon fillets, whole salmon, or fresh salmon steaks. Food safety goes first, so always inspect the fish for parasites and worms! Anisakid larvae look very much like watch springs, ranging in color from brown to white. Meanwhile, broad fish tapeworms look like small grains of rice since they are usually encased in small cysts. If you encounter these worms, remove them with fish tweezers and extensively clean the rest of the fish.

Make sure your tools are properly disinfected.

Even if the raw salmon is free of parasites and worms, you might get bacteria inside of the fish if you use dirty fish tools. And since you won’t be cooking the salmon afterward, there’s no way to kill this new bacteria before it reaches your stomach. So please make sure all your tools are cleaned and disinfected before getting ready to cook! Your cooking space should be sanitized properly as well. Every detail matters when preparing raw salmon and avoiding food poisoning!

Dress up the raw salmon for a fulfilling meal.

There are so many flavor combinations you can create with raw salmon! From salmon tartare to an Osaka Carpassion, the possibilities are almost endless for you to prepare delicious meals with this raw fish. All you need is to dress it up a little! Seasonings play a huge part in making raw salmon taste just as versatile as when it’s cooked in different ways. A few of our favorite seasons for raw salmon are lemon zest, salt and pepper, fresh tarragon, dried oregano, dill, mustard, paprika, and garlic powder.

Pick the right side dishes for your raw salmon.

Picking side dishes is such a fun part of creating a raw salmon meal. You can go subtle on the star of the dish (the salmon, of course) and save the bolder flavors for the side dishes. This is entirely up to your personal taste as well so don’t shy away from going crazy! Still, if you need a little inspiration, check out this article where we show you the best healthy side dishes to go with salmon.

Do you eat raw salmon at home?

That’s all you need to know before starting to eat salmon raw at home! If you’re careful and follow the basic safety protocols, you’ll have no problem with homemade raw consumption. And we promise eating raw salmon is extremely worth it! You’ll be longing for seconds no matter which raw salmon dish you decide to prepare. Now you’re all set to make the most out of this versatile fish! Remember you can find new delicious salmon recipes here in our blog and our Pinterest profile too. All the best preparing raw salmon!





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