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Does Farm Raised Salmon Have Mercury

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Mercury poisoning in fish is one of the most common reasons people shy away from consuming seafood. Yet, across the board health organizations enthusiastically recommend fish consumption. This is because the health benefits of eating certain fish like salmon far outweigh the risks! 

Still, that word mercury lingers. Mercury poisoning can cause long-term damage to your nervous system, which is particularly concerning for children and pregnant women. So, how do you know you are safe? Does salmon have this risky heavy metal?

We’ve dedicated this post to answering this very question. We’ll give you everything you need to know to avoid this dangerous toxin and feel good about your seafood selection. Let’s get into it:

Does Farm Raised Salmon Have Mercury?

Does Farm Raised Salmon Have Mercury 

Though both wild caught and farm raised salmon have a small chance of containing mercury, both options are very low risk. In fact, farm raised fish have an even lower probability of containing dangerous levels of mercury. Overall, mercury contamination is not a concern when it comes to salmon! 

Mercury enters the waterways through both natural and manmade circumstances. Once it pollutes a body of water, mercury is a biased toxin! It tends to latch onto bigger predators like king mackerel, swordfish, and shark. It passes right by smaller ones like salmon and shrimp unless the body of water is critically saturated with mercury. 

Because of this, farmed Atlantic salmon pose little to no risk of mercury poisoning. Their clean, controlled diets and waterways keep them healthy and free of all forms of heavy metals. Plus, the staff monitors the health and living conditions of farmed salmon constantly, so no dangerous parasite can find its way in.

Wild fish are a little more unpredictable. When you catch fish in the wild, you can’t know the fishes’ diet or the condition of the water. This makes heavy metals more likely with wild caught fish. But, really, even in the most traditional fishing operations, the levels of mercury in a salmon would be infinitesimal compared to other types of fish that are natural mercury magnets. 

So, with that in mind, we recommend picking farmed salmon as your seafood protein of choice! This will give you all the health benefits of eating fish with none of the risks of heavy metals or toxins. And, if you go with our very own Oshēn salmon, your fish will not only be free of heavy metals, but it’ll be tastier, healthier, and more sustainable

Is Oshēn Salmon toxin-free?

Is Oshēn Salmon toxin-free?

We’ve already determined that if you’re headed to the fish market to grab salmon, farmed fish is the best option. But, what’s so great about Oshēn Salmon? Is it toxin-free? 

Oshēn Salmon is completely free of heavy metals, including mercury. To keep us accountable for producing the best fish, we maintain certifications from Best Aquaculture Practices, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, and the British Retail Consortium. You can read all about our sustainable process, here

Oshēn Salmon isn’t only farmed, it’s ocean farmed, which means we use the Earth’s natural resources to raise our fish in their domestic habitat. No heavy equipment. No damaging industry. And, no artificial environment. It’s the best for the fish, for you, and for the planet! 

This process not only makes our fish healthier in so many ways, but it drastically lowers the risk of mercury poisoning too. So, feel confident in your choice to eat only ocean-farmed salmon from a trusted retailer like us at Oshēn Salmon

Why do health professionals recommend eating salmon?

Why do health professionals recommend eating salmon?

Even with the slight risk of mercury poisoning, health professionals everywhere recommend consuming salmon. This is because the risk of contaminants is relatively low, and salmon is full of beneficial nutrients

Salmon has a low saturated fat content and is high in protein, making it great for lowering cholesterol and fighting heart disease. Beyond that, salmon is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. These nutrients combined keep your heart and your brain healthy! 

Salmon is one of the healthier protein choices out there! So, eating salmon a few times per week is highly recommended by organizations like the American Heart Association and the Mayo Clinic. Take the leap and add salmon to your diet this week! We’ve made it super easy with our packages that ship directly to your door! (And if it’s your first time, use code FRESH for 15% off at checkout.) 

Who is at the greatest risk of mercury poisoning?

Who is at the greatest risk of mercury poisoning?

Though the risk of mercury poisoning is low, it’s recommended that pregnant women and young children limit the amount of salmon they eat to only 12 oz per week. And, of course, it’s important to be mindful of what types of fish you are consuming and cooking for your children. 

These demographics should always avoid fish high in mercury. No swordfish, shark, king mackerel, or bluefin tuna. And, when it comes to salmon, make sure you’re eating farmed salmon - it’s the safest and healthiest choice for you and your family! 

Most importantly, definitely don’t stop eating fish altogether! The right seafood is great for children and pregnant women. Just make sure your choices are responsible and well-researched. If you need more information about the benefits and security that comes with eating salmon, check out our blog

Our ocean farmed salmon is free of all heavy metals including mercury! 

Adding salmon to your diet is always a great choice. Ocean farmed salmon is both good for you and safe to eat! So, don’t stress about mercury poisoning or heavy metals, especially when buying from a reputable company like Oshēn Salmon

We ensure you have the highest quality fish every time, and our plentiful certifications confirm our practices are always best for the fish, you, and the Earth! So, grab one of our delicious and fresh salmon packages and head to our blog for a ton of great recipes and cooking tips. 

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