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10 Salmon Benefits for Men

10 Salmon Benefits for Men

Salmon is one of the most delicious and versatile protein sources out there. It can be made into fancy dishes or casual weekday lunches. It can be baked, fried, grilled, smoked, and even eaten raw! And, no matter how you cook it up, it’s totally delectable. Not only is salmon great for your tastebuds, but it’s great for your body too! 

Salmon is a great source of vitamins and nutrients that provide a ton of health benefits. And, when you choose high quality ocean farmed salmon, your fish is even better for you! Most people know salmon is good for them, but most don’t know the specific benefits of eating this healthy fish. So, get ready to learn all about what this nutritious fish can do for you!

In the past, we’ve reviewed the specific health benefits for women, but we haven’t yet done it for men. So, today, we’re listing all the ways salmon is good for male bodies. Here’s the list: 

10 Salmon Benefits for Men

10 Salmon Benefits for Men 

Reduces the Risk of Cancer 

Salmon is considered a fatty fish, which means it’s full of omega-3 fatty acids. This super vitamin supports our bodies in lots of ways. One of the biggest ways omega-3s can benefit your health is by reducing the risk of cancer

Supports Your Joints 

Eating salmon has anti-inflammatory benefits that promote healthy joints. The omega-3 fatty acids lubricate the joints, restore the tissue, and reduce any swelling. With enough fatty acids in your diet, you’ll feel a significant difference in your joints. No more stiffness or soreness! 

Maintains Prostate Health 

We already talked about how eating salmon decreases the risk of cancer, but fatty fish has special benefits for prostate health. The anti-inflammatory nature of salmon prevents your prostate glands from swelling and reduces the chance of developing cancer. 

Promotes Great Vision 

Salmon improves and maintains your vision in a number of ways. The omega-3 fatty acids help your body develop photoreceptors in your retina. These receptors process light signals that are then sent to the brain. This is how we see color and see in the dark! 

The fatty acids also reduce inflammation, so your eyes stay moist and healthy. No eye drops needed here! Finally, the niacin, B-vitamins, and vitamin D maintain your macula and reduce the risk of cataracts. This means your eyes stay healthy and your vision stays sharp, even as you age! 

Revives Your Sexual Health 

We’ll keep it PG, but salmon is great for the bedroom. Omega-3 fatty acids promote great circulation and heart health. That means your blood keeps on pumping! Fatty acids also raise a chemical called dopamine that produces pleasure and all the good feelings. This, of course, increases libido and sexual satisfaction. Who knew salmon could do that?

Preserves Reproductive Health 

In additional to sexual health, salmon has reproductive benefits. The selenium found within salmon increases sperm production and sperm motility. This means a higher sperm count and faster swimmers. Both are great for fertility! 

salmon for reproductive health

Strengthens Your Brain

The vitamin B12, protein, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids in salmon support your brain in several ways. Because our brains comprise mostly of EPA and DHA fatty acids, the high levels of omega-3s in salmon make it the optimal brain boosting food. 

Eating salmon and other foods rich in fatty acids slows cognitive decline, promotes better blood flow, improves concentration, fights memory loss, and even prevents mood disorders. And, all this brain strengthening develops a protective barrier around your brain to prevent injury. If you’d like to know more, check out our brain article here [link brain article when live] that discusses all the health benefits for your mind.

Quickens Weight Loss and Builds Muscle 

Salmon is a great source of protein. In fact, just one of our salmon filets has 23 grams of protein! Studies show that protein helps you lose weight. Plus, it speeds up your metabolism, helps build muscle tissue, and makes you feel full faster. 

Salmon can also help you increase the effectiveness of your workouts! Aside from the muscle building properties of protein, omega-3 fatty acids help develop strength and endurance. Additionally, niacin converts food into energy, iron builds muscle metabolism, and glutamine prevents muscle damage. This means salmon is great for weight loss and fitness alike! 

Strengthens Your Immune System 

We’ve already determined that salmon is a healthy protein that supports your body in a ton of different ways. But, did you know it also helps create a strong immune system

First up, the anti-inflammatory benefits of omega-3 fatty acids naturally support the immune system. But, more specifically, magnesium aids in immune cell development and selenium prevents infections. Additionally, zinc and vitamins A, B, and D further support immune health and help the body fight off viruses. As we head into flu season, make sure you’re getting your recommended daily intake of fatty fish! 

heart disease risk in men

Protects Your Heart 

The leading cause of death among men in the U.S. is heart disease. On average, men develop heart disease more often and at a younger age (even ten years younger) than women. These are scary numbers, and it makes protecting your heart as a male even more important! Luckily, salmon has special health benefits to prevent heart disease.

Eating fish high in protein and saturated fats lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, reduces blood clotting, sustains a regular heartbeat, and maintains healthy arteries. All these benefits are integral to your long-term heart health. So much so that the American Heart Association recommends consuming 2 servings of fish per week to reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Salmon maintains a healthy heart, brain, weight, reproductive system, and more, making this healthy fish vital for men’s wellness.

Whether you’re worried about cancer, muscle gains, heart disease, or fertility, fatty fish can help you reach your health goals. Because there are so many benefits to eating salmon as a male, adding it to your diet requires no second thought. Add some salmon to your shopping list today! 

If you’re ready to get started, check out our fresh salmon packages that ship directly to you. Use code FRESH for 15% off your first order, too! Then, check out our recipes page, get cooking, and chow down! It won’t take long for you to feel the positive effects of eating this delicious and nutritious fish. 

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